Ottfried Fischer. Torn finger after a wheelchair accident.

Actor Ottfried Fischer and his wife Simone Brandlmeier. “She has so many good points that I wouldn’t know what to do without her,” Fischer says of his wife. The couple has been married since 2020.


Inspector “Der Bulle von Tölz” Ottfried Fischer does not let his Parkinson’s disease get him down and after a fall trains to become mobile again. He just laughs at the amputated finger.

Ottfried Fischer (69) suffers from Parkinson’s and is in a wheelchair after a fall, but this does not mean that the actor (“Der Pfundskerl”) has given up. To get back on his feet, he often goes to rehabilitation sports five times a week, and even an amputated finger is no drama for him.

His motivation is clear: Ottfried Fischer finally wants to get out of the house again – but not just to see a doctor or for physiotherapy. “I got caught on a step and fell. I am now a prisoner of the mat. But it shouldn’t stay that way,” swears Ottfried, who lives in a barrier-free house in Munich, in an interview with “Bild”. “I go to the rehabilitation center up to five times a week. They normally take care of Olympic champions there. That’s good for me. I exercise more than before.”

It is admirable how a seriously ill person can positively accept his changed life: “The wheelchair is a blessing! If you can’t walk properly like me, there is no other way. It’s bulky, but I’m fine with it. Unfortunately, it cost me a little finger.”

Fischer does not want to get upset because of the blows of fate

This little accident happened a few months ago in Passau: “Sportily, I thundered down the alley and scraped along the wall. Bad luck: The little finger was in between. Just hanging on a rag. It didn’t bleed, it didn’t hurt. Then at the hospital they said it’s better to lose weight than to sew it up.”

And even there, Fischer could still laugh: “The best: in the evening they were eating finger noodles in the hospital.” Last but not least, because of his wife Simone, to whom he has been married since 2020, Ottfried does not want to be defeated: “My blows of fate are not pleasant, but I refuse to get upset about it.”

His wife is a great support for him, but: “If I started complaining now, the good spirit of the house, my wife Simone, would not survive.” Simone is his everything: “My wife is unique in the existence of such difficult times. She is my best friend, she has so many good sides that I wouldn’t know what to do without her,” Ottfried Fischer told the Berliner Morgenpost in April.

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