Oliver Pocher receives slaps and malice from Jauch and Fat Comedy


In the Saturday evening program “Because they don’t know what’s going on”, moderator Günther Jauch ran out of patience. He hit comedian Oliver Pocher in the face with his moderator cards.

Crazy until a deeply relaxed Günther Jauch (66) breaks the hat string: Oliver Pocher (44) received another blow in the face on the game show “Because you don’t know what’s going on” on Saturday. The comedian pestered Jauch during the feature until he reached out with his moderator cards and Pocher slapped his moderator cards in his face.

Günther Jauch punches Oliver Pocher in the face

During a live broadcast: Günther Jauch punches Oliver Pocher in the face(00:32)

Pocher joked and Jauch quickly recovered, but the husband of presenter Amira Pocher (29) may not take it badly for the first time. The heavy hit that Oliver Pocher received from Giuseppe Sumrain (23) probably turned the ball around the most. On the sidelines of a boxing match, a man known as Fat Comedy pounced on the comedian and violently punched him in the face. One of his companions filmed the situation and then posted it on Instagram. Pocher reported the incident and the subsequent offensive video by Sumrain. The first hearing resulted in Fat Comedy no longer being allowed to publish any of the videos. He also faces a fine of 250,000 euros.

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