Oliver and Amira Pocher surprise fans with an intimate photo

Amira and Oliver Pocher are currently on vacation.

Amira and Oliver Pocher are currently on vacation.Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató have already been part of the eighth live show of “Let’s Dance” and are still fighting for the title “Dancing Star”. Recently, however, things haven’t gone so well for the dancing couple. In the “Love Week”, they had to shake for their progress at the end. However, public votes were enough and Now they can relax during the Easter holidays after the efforts of the past few weeks. On Good Friday there is usually no new edition of the show.

Amira is making the most of her free time and is currently on a luxury desert vacation with her husband Oliver and his family. In her Instagram story, she takes her fans from there and gives a private insight into her experiences. So far, she has shown herself to “dune bashing”, a wild ride through the desert or relaxed during a romantic dinner. Her latest snap on her profile sparked a lot of excitement.

Amira and Oliver enjoy their free time.

Amira and Oliver enjoy their free time.Image: Instagram / Amira Pocher

Amira and Oliver release recordings of their vacation

Amira has now shown a snap of herself and the comedian, with them in each other’s arms. The couple clings to it with love. So far, over 92,000 people have marked the post with a heart and there have been around 700 comments. It has not escaped his followers that this photo has a rarity value, as there are not many such couple photos of the two.

As a result, one follower also said, “Oh how cute, what a rare photo of you two. Would love to see more.” Another user commented, “Dream couple, so nice to see you like this. Enjoy your vacation.” That’s how this user saw it: “Definition of being happy.” And further: “The most beautiful picture of you ever.” They also received a lot of red hearts.

On “Let’s Dance”, Amira admitted that she had a problem allowing closeness. The 29-year-old complained to The Contemporary: “It’s too many hugs.” Motsi Mabuse saw it like this: “I had the idea that it was a little cold with you.” The mother of two sons finally explained herself in front of the cameras of RTL: “On the show, we’re really cheek to cheek, it doesn’t have to be during rehearsal.” It’s all the more pleasant for her fans to see the Austrian so happy with her loved one.


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