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The link between asthma and obesity investigated

In previous research papers, the connection between Asthma and obesity (obesity) displayed. Changes in gut health appear to underlie this connection, according to a recent study.

British research team Christine Parenti of Nottingham Trent University investigated how asthma may influence the effects of obesity on gut health. The study results were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Endocrinology and published in Endocrine Abstracts

Obesity and asthma

Numerous studies have already shown a link between asthma and obesity. For example, asthma appears to increase the risk of being overweight, and obesity is thought to be the cause of many cases of asthma in children.

“Obesity worsens a number of chronic inflammatory diseases, including asthma, and increasing obesity has been observed to worsen asthma severity and disease control.”explains the British research team.

In addition, weight gain is known to affect composition Gut flora changed, which also led to an increase intestinal permeability (“leaky” gut) lead, so coming from the gut bacterial fragments and associated endotoxin markers enter the bloodstream aa systemic inflammation can run

In the current study, researchers now 98 people with severe asthma is investigating the role of body weight in gut permeability and systemic inflammation and how this affects her asthma.

Among 29 men and 69 women, it was enough Body Mass Index (BMI) from normal weight to obese, and their asthma symptoms were recorded using the “Asthma Control Questionnaire-6,” the team reports.

Blood tests were also used to determine the values ​​of markers for intestinal permeability (lipopolysaccharide-binding protein and calprotectin) and markers for inflammation associated with asthma (Granzyme-A, IL-5, IL-6, CCL-4).

Increased intestinal permeability and increased inflammation

Subsequent data analysis showed that participants with poorly controlled asthma significantly higher values lipopolysaccharide binding protein (LPB) and that LBP levels increased with increasing body weight.

According to the researchers, increasing concentrations of LBP were also correlated higher Levels of inflammatory markers associated with asthma.

“We found a significant association between gut permeability, obesity and poor asthma control, particularly in overweight people.”summarizes the director of the study Christine Parenti together.

New therapeutic approaches

This also suggests that a weight loss and dietary precautions Improving the barrier function of the intestine could be an effective treatment target in people with asthma and overweight or obesity.

Our initial results suggest that increased intestinal permeability is likely to be a factor in worsening asthma symptoms in obese patients, so it will be interesting to investigate whether dietary interventions can improve symptoms in these patients.”he emphasized Family members.

Other researches have already produced the first results and have shown a connection between certain types of diet and asthma. A 2020 study concluded that a plant food can help against asthma.

Dairy products and foods with a high fat content were however sa increased risk of disease and associated with negative effects on the course of asthma. However, it remains unclear to what extent changes in gut health played a role in the observed effects of the food. Further research work must now clarify this. (fp)

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