“No need to apologize.

“Bet, huh..?” with charming moments and crazy tricks

Thomas Gottschalk led the show “Wetten, dass ..?” in a leopard look. Unwrapping less snappy statements than usual, Michelle Hunziker shone in an opulent pink designer ball gown and took care of the candidates.


Thomas Gottschalk had to endure a lot of criticism after his last performance “Wetten, dass ..?” Now the exhibition titan is defending himself with an open letter.

With crazy bets and celebrities on the sofa, Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker ensure good odds. Last Saturday, over 10 million television viewers sat in front of the television.

But for TV Dino Thomas Gottschalk there was a lot of criticism after the show. The 72-year-old man is now defending himself against this with an open letter to “Bild”.

Gottschalk writes: «There is no reason to make excuses. With ‘Wetten, dass ..?’ always follows the same pattern: many people are happy about it, and the rate is higher than elsewhere.”

Bad name

Plus, a few grumpy journalists would sit on the couch with a pen in hand and take notes, like fake first names, and they’d also Google a piece of clothing.

Thomas Gottschalk is hinting that he made a faux pas with Germany internationals Giulia Gwinn and Alexandra Popp on Saturday. Gwinn was addressing Giuliano.

“Wetten, dass…” also drew a lot of comments on social media. Several Twitter users poke fun at Gottschalk’s choice of clothing.

Thomas Gottschalk and lisp

Gottschalk goes on to write in his open letter: “If it were up to them, I would have said goodbye to my job thirty years ago in tears. It’s been buzzing all over social media, and for the few startled tweeters who were worried I was suddenly screwing up, I can reassure you: It was a technical issue with the sound.

Whether justified or not: the criticism seems to have rubbed off on Gottschalk. His employer ZDF has not yet commented on Gottschalk’s goal.

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