“No grill on the table.” Host “10vor10” Honegger pokes fun at the studio.

That The body of the crime: New studio «10vor10» with news journalist Arthur Honegger. An SRF journalist compares a pointed case on a table with a grill.

SRF/Gian Vaitl

Arthur Honegger celebrated his premiere in his new home “10vor10” on Wednesday. He previously posted a scathing comment about the studio’s new look.

«So, now it’s serious for me too: The first #10vor10 in the new studio. Yes, I’m a little nervous. And no, it’s not a grill on the table,” writes “10vor10” journalist Arthur Honegger shortly before his first broadcast in the new TV studio.

Arthur Honegger adds fuel to the fire. The studio’s new look caused an uproar among blue-collar News users.

The “Tagesschau” studio failed the survey: 39 percent of the 7,052 participants did not like it. (as of November 17, 10:00 a.m.)

And the comments under Honegger’s post are also lively. An Instagram user asks alpenbitte: “Carrera Bahn?? Cool.” This comment, in turn, refers to the ring on the presenter’s desk.

Arthur Honegger commented with a smiley wink

User Lily-Worni, on the other hand, wishes the premiere good luck, but warns: “Good luck and hide the wired mouse, it’s a bit retro.”

Many users commented on Arthur Honegger's post.
Many users commented on Arthur Honegger’s post.


In addition, Instagram user makalberer writes: “The studio is supposed to be beautiful?”. Arthur Honegger sarcastically comments, “It sure is new,” adding a smiley wink.

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