Newcomer Aehra is not naming its just-revealed SUV


This SUV aims to revolutionize the design of electric cars.

Martin A. Bartholdi and Wolfgang Gomoll

Why do electric cars look like all other cars? This question concerns American citizen and businessman Hazim Nada (50). “E-cars have a long hood, even though the electric motor never needs that much space,” Nada says, continuing, “There’s no point in the front cargo area because most people don’t use it at all.”

The entrepreneur therefore founded the Aehra car brand. Start-ups for electric cars, such as those that have sprung up countless times in China and the US in recent years. “It’s time for a European start-up!” says the American. That’s why he made Italy the home of his brand – and therefore sees it in line with Ferrari or Lamborghini. Aehra is ready to revolutionize the automotive world with a new, exciting design and a new type of interior: “Taking full advantage of the electric drive.”

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