New York Airport: This is what the new Newark terminal looks like

Many passengers swore by Newark’s old Terminal A. Now the airport has heard them and is opening a new building. It is operated by Munich Airport.

“You told us you didn’t like our airport. You may not have received a response to your comments at first, but believe me, we heard them and many of us took them personally.” Huntley Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Airport Operator Criticism at Newark Airport is serious. Not least because he himself has lived in New Jersey for almost 30 years.

According to the North Jersey portal’s manager, he was “unsettled” by the criticism for years. But now he can finally say, “We listened to you.” Because: Newark Airport has completed its newly constructed Terminal A. It opens on December 8.

At least 13 million passengers

Newark Airport’s current Terminal A is designed to handle nine million passengers a year. But it has been exceeding this capacity for years. Otherwise the building looks outdated.

The new terminal will be able to handle at least 13 million passengers a year, and with 33 gates, it has almost twice as many gates as the old one. The check-in area has been modernized and now also has 60 kiosks for passengers of all airlines to check in and check in baggage, as well as significantly more space and queues for security screening.

20 percent larger

With an area of ​​almost one million square meters, it is roughly 20 percent larger than its predecessor. 21 gates will open in December, the rest will be in operation next year. United Airlines, JetBlue, Air Canada and American Airlines are the first airlines to move into the new Terminal A. Delta Air Lines will follow next year.

The new Terminal A is operated by Munich Airport. According to the airport, this includes responsibility for operations, technical maintenance of the terminal and management of retail and dining areas. The new terminal in Newark should be based on the Munich Airport model, “offering passengers a 5-star airport experience,” Munich Airport said in a statement.

The new name is 2002

By the way, Newark has only been called Liberty Airport since 2002. This was changed in honor of the nearby Statue of Liberty and in memory of Flight 93, a United Airlines flight that took off from Newark on September 11, 2001. The flight was supposed to crash into a destination in Washington, probably at The White House or the Capitol. After the prisoners’ revolt, the terrorists failed.

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