New family drama! “Very angry and sad”

Prince William and Princess Kate furious: ‘It’s abusing the family’

He just embarrassed King Charles III. and his family by accidentally grabbing the employee’s chest live on TV, according to the ‘DailyMail’! However, while the royal family prefers to keep quiet about Mike Tindall’s participation in the jungle camp, royal expert Angela Levin wants to know exactly how King Charles III, but especially Prince William and Duchess Kate, think about the TV spectacle – and this much can be said: On the 44-year-old it looks grim!

Levin explained to the “DailyMail” that the royal family is not at all excited about attending the jungle camp itself, but mainly about Mike’s revelations. Such stories would “it’s nobody’s business” and for members of the royal family, revealing such details is anything but funny:

I think, this brings the royal family into disrepute. It is not only an insult to his wife, but also to his mother-in-law Princess Anne and other members of the royal family,

says Levin.

But most of all, Prince William and Princess Kate should find Mike Tindall’s behavior in the camp exceptional “humiliating” feel for the whole family and therefore “very angry and sad” be. Is the forty-four-year-old player at risk of family drama after returning to England? We will see…

Used sources: Daily mail

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