Nati lands in Doha – Qatar adventure begins: Think only football and Ghana – sports

Nati landed in Doha – Qatar adventure begins: all she thinks about is football and Ghana – Sport – SRF

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The Swiss national team went to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Those involved do not perceive flight as a burden, but as an opportunity.

The adventure of the “World Cup in Qatar” is getting really concrete for the Swiss national team: on Monday afternoon, the players met at Zurich airport and then flew to Doha. The plane landed in the Persian Gulf at 23:00 local time.

The players and staff were in the air for almost 6 hours, but no one saw it as really tiring beforehand. “We fly relatively comfortably,” goalkeeper Yann Sommer said with a smile at the airport. “That’s why I’m looking forward to it.” It’s also a place to think things over and have initial conversations with teammates.

Coach Murat Yakin was also relaxed in Zurich and full of anticipation for the coming weeks. He is already looking ahead: “Tomorrow we want to arrive first and look at the infrastructure.” Above all, he is looking forward to the first practice and to “seeing the boys back to work with their favorite equipment”.

Ghana as the final benchmark

Because football will soon be in the spotlight again: on Wednesday, Nati’s players will travel to Abu Dhabi in the neighboring United Arab Emirates. There, the Yakin team wants to complete the test against Ghana (live on SRF) a day later.

Things get serious on November 24: The first group game against Cameroon is scheduled at 11:00 Swiss time at the Al-Janoub Stadium in Al-Wakra, south of Doha. The other World Cup opponents are Brazil (November 28) and Serbia (December 2).

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