Name the 30 best selling albums

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Team Watson

Dear Quizzticle class

In the fall of 40 years ago, one of the best-selling music albums of all time was released. It was produced by Quincy Jones.

The name of the performer and the recording is not listed on the site. Because: Wanted.

More specifically: We want to know from you the 30 best-selling* albums in music history.

No problem, right? Here we are!

It works like this:

  • Album, band or musician name.
  • As a guide, you have the year of release and the number of albums sold.
  • The order doesn’t matter.
  • Pay attention to the correct spelling. There are also some incorrect spellings, but we cannot account for all variants.
  • The countdown is on, you have 20 minutes.
  • Press “Play” and let’s go!


26-30 points: 6.0
22-25 points: 5.5
19-21 points: 5.0
15-18 points: 4.5
10-14 points: 4.0
Under 10 points: detention

*) The source situation is unclear. There is no comprehensive database of record sales. There are so-called “certified sales” from organizations like RIAA or IFPI. And there is the number of sales reported by each record company, which ultimately cannot be verified. For the list, we followed the English Wikipedia, where data from individual markets was compiled. Ultimately, it is a matter of life or death. It’s about the music.

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