Müslüm was nearby when the bomb exploded in Istanbul

Singer Müslüm was at the bombing in Istanbul

“Chills ran down my spine”

Six people were killed in a bomb attack in the middle of Istanbul on Sunday. The Swiss cult musician Müslüm (42) would be on the spot. “I was lucky,” says Bernák.


Swiss cult musician Müslüm (42) was very close to the bombing on Sunday.

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Carla De-VizziNews editor

Sunday’s bomb attack in Istanbul claimed six lives. It could have been more. Because when the bomb hit the lively Istiklal promenade, Swiss cult musician Müslüm (42) was very close. “I was lucky today,” writes Müslüm, whose real name is Semih Yavsaner, on Instagram.

The hotel is less than 200 meters from the promenade

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