Musk’s Twitter Overhaul – Musk’s Overtime Ultimatum Drives Twitter Workers Away – News

  • Twitter continues to shed staff after new boss Elon Musk announced a company-wide restructuring.
  • In an ultimatum, he gave the workforce a choice of sacrificing themselves for work or resigning.
  • The BBC also reports that Twitter is closing its offices until Monday.

In a survey published by the Blind app on Friday, 42 percent of 180 respondents wanted to leave the company. Another quarter are reluctant to stay. Using Blind, employees can sign up with their company email and then exchange information anonymously with each other.

Musk had previously emailed his employees an ultimatum by Thursday evening (local time). They had to decide whether to accept “long hours with high intensity” or whether they wanted to take severance pay equal to three months’ salary. According to Reuters, Twitter also informed its employees that offices will be closed and access cards will be blocked until Monday.

“To build the ground-breaking Twitter 2.0 of the future and thrive in an increasingly competitive world, we must be extremely tough,” the ultimatum read. Musk also announced that Twitter will be “much more engineering-focused” under his leadership.

Musk’s announcement was met with criticism

Anyone who wanted to be “part of the new Twitter” had to click on the corresponding Internet link. “Whatever you decide, we thank you for your efforts to make Twitter successful,” Musk wrote. A copy of the report, reported by the Washington Post, was reviewed by Reuters. Its content was also confirmed by a person who received the message on Twitter.

Many left the company

Technology portal “The Verge” reports that hundreds of Twitter employees resigned before the company underwent a complete restructuring. Several departments critical to the operation of the short message service have partially or completely disappeared, the anonymous employee said in the article. Musk also fired a small group of programmers from the company earlier this week after they messed with him, the AP news agency reported.

With the development in mind, users are debating whether Twitter will continue to exist. The hashtag #RIPTwitter is trending on the platform as a hint that the short messaging service could be “dying”.

In contrast, Musk was quiet about the layoffs late Thursday. “The best people stay,” he wrote on Twitter.

After taking over Twitter less than three weeks ago, Musk initially laid off half of its 7,500 full-time employees. Shortly thereafter, he canceled the possibility of working from home. The self-proclaimed “freedom of speech absolutist” also wants to loosen the rules of conduct on the short message service and make Twitter “the most accurate source of information.” Critics fear the service will become a playground for fake news and conspiracy theories.

The tremors have now worried politicians. US senators have called on the FTC to investigate the processes. “Over the past few weeks, Twitter’s new boss, Elon Musk, has taken alarming steps that have undermined the integrity and security of the platform.”

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