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Taylor Swift won’t even run away from the American Music Awards. The 32-year-old wins six awards at the same time and continues to fall high.

No superlative should be enough for Taylor Swift’s flight at this point. While a week ago she already won four awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards, this Sunday there were six – with six nominations. Among other things, the award for the best artist. This means that the musician from the US state of Pennsylvania has already won 40 American music awards. In second place is a certain Michael Jackson with 26 trophies.


Fully loaded

Taylor Swift takes home six American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Keystone / Jordan Strauss

The spiral of success really started to turn in October. Her new album ‘Midnights’ was streamed more on Spotify on its first day than any other album before. And a week later, their songs led by the catchy track “Anti-Hero” went directly to the top 10 of the US Billboard chart. That’s also a record.

Success does not come by accident. During her 16-year career, the singer has developed at various levels. At first she was a country musician and then a pop musician, but now she mixes both styles of music with other stylistic elements. Plus, there’s excellent songwriting and a good marketing strategy, says SRF music editor Tamara Steffen. “He sings about his own mistakes, about the problems in his life. All things that us normal people also understand.”

Swift is generally very close to people – she likes to show off her cat on Tiktok or play with her colleague Selena Gomez. A strategy that works perfectly. According to the American magazine Forbes, she has accumulated a fortune of 540 million francs. More will probably be added soon. “If you’ve experienced this and still feel so grounded, you’ve done something right,” says Tamara Steffen.

If you’ve experienced this and still feel so down to earth, you’ve done something right.

So the end of Swift’s rise is in sight for now. Because the Grammys are coming up in February, which along with the AMAs are the most important music awards in the US.

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