Murder in Brazil: Long prison terms for pastor and her children

Long prison terms for Brazilian pastor and her children

A mother of 55 years has made her husband’s murder a family affair

A spectacular murder trial in Brazil that revolves around religion, celebrity and politics: A pastor, former MP and mother of 55 must go behind bars for inciting the murder of her husband – along with some of her children. The murder was kind of a family affair.


She must be behind bars for half a century: Brazilian pastor, gospel singer, former parliamentarian and mother, 55-year-old Flordelis dos Santos, allegedly incited her own children to murder her husband.

Flordelis dos Santos de Souza (61) is a celebrity in Brazil. The former deputy has not only 55 children – biological and adopted. She is also a prominent gospel singer, church planter – and is believed to have ordered the murder of her preacher husband. He has now been in prison for 50 years and 28 days, Brazilian media reported on Sunday – after one of the most sensational crimes and trials in Brazil’s history.

Anderson do Carmo († 42) was the name of her husband, who was murdered in 2019 and was also significantly younger than Flordelis. Flordelis tried six times to poison him with potassium cyanide. Then she hired hitmen – her own family. In June 2019, Do Carmo was shot about 30 times while returning home. Sagittarius: one of his sons.

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