MrBeast is the most successful Youtuber of all time

Overtaking “PewDiePie”

MrBeast is the new king of Youtube

MrBeast beats them all when it comes to Youtube subscribers. With daring actions and expensive clips, he amazes his fans video after video – and sets records.


With 112 million subscribers, MrBeast is the most successful YouTuber of all time.

American YouTuber MrBeast, whose full name is Jimmy Donaldson (24), dethroned Swedish video maker PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg, 33) with 112 million followers. He publishes content on his channel, in which his subscribers mainly participate – participants in sometimes daring campaigns can usually look forward to monetary or in-kind prizes. The influencer earns the equivalent of roughly four million francs a month just from clicks.

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Several million in 2021: This is how much the richest Youtubers earn(02:03)

He celebrated his 100 millionth subscriber almost legendary: Donaldson bought his own island – just to give it to a fan. He invited 100 subscribers to the island and held a total of four contests, with one person eliminated from each game. The winner of the last challenge could call himself the owner of the land at the end.

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