More “Putin accomplices” exposed.

After the Russians withdrew from Kherson in the war in Ukraine, more and more “Putin’s minions” were looted in the southern Ukrainian city.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • In Kherson, angry Ukrainians gathered more “Putin’s helpers”.
  • The photos show the men being held with their hands tied and blindfolded.
  • Many Russian sympathizers have fled the city in recent weeks.

In the weeks before Putin’s troops left Kherson, Ukrainian Kremlin sympathizers had already fled the city. But not all “Putin’s minions” left town during the Ukraine war: Pictures circulated on Sunday showing two suspected men being looted.

And apparently there are other black sheep in Kherson! The new images show a number of other men who are also suspected of working with Russia. According to the Daily Mail, they were surrounded and confronted by residents of Kherson.

“Putin’s minions” were lined up in front of the fence, hands tied, blindfolded, exposed to the residents. The report said the men were arrested for allegedly working with the Russians.

The images show some of Putin’s accomplices with bloodied faces and heads on the ground. The men also appear to be marked with words written on tape covering their eyes.

Do you think it is good that Putin’s allies are on public display in Kherson?

The suspects are now being held in war-torn Ukraine as they await their fate. This should be waiting for you in Mykolayiv, northwest of Kherson. After Russia withdraws from the region, they will likely be tried there.

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