Missile impact in Poland: Selenski insists on his own theory


Two people were killed in a rocket attack in Poland on Tuesday.


Chiara SchlenzNews editor

A rocket hit the area of ​​Poland’s border with Ukraine on Tuesday, killing two people. First the world held its breath – and then chaos reigned. There were questions after questions: Was it a Russian missile that attacked a NATO country? Or is it a missile from the Ukrainian air defense system that went missing on Polish territory? For many hours these questions remained unanswered.

Further statements from the US, NATO and Poland: The West assumes that this theory is correct; Ultimately, however, Moscow is responsible for the war of aggression against Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi (44) disagrees. “I think it was a Russian missile – based on the trust I have in military reports,” Zelensky said on Wednesday. This invites criticism.

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