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“Hannah Montana” was once upon a time. Miley Cyrus long ago became a world star – and a symbol of provocation and emancipation.

Cowboy boots, bell bottoms and a mullet hairstyle. Today’s Miley Cyrus could easily be an 80’s rock star. It’s one of many image changes the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus has gone through. The career of Destiny Hope Cyrus, as she was born, began with acting roles in children’s films. Miley’s now official name is a variation of her childhood nickname “Smiley”, given to her because of her constant smile.


A trip to the 80s

In recent years, the 30-year-old has gone from pop star to rock star.

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Cyrus made his breakthrough with “Hannah Montana.” A student who leads a double life as a singer. Even then, Cyrus sang all the music himself. The foundation for the career of a pop star was laid – “Party in USA” became the first global hit.

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Cyrus became world famous as “Hannah Montana” in the teen series of the same name.

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With her transformation into a pop star, Cyrus also completed her first image change. In the music video for her first #1 hit, “Wrecking Ball,” she lounges naked on a wrecking ball. Miley lit up a joint during her acceptance speech in front of the cameras at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2013. And after Instagram deletes her topless photo, she’s starting a so-called “Free The Nipple” discussion.

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Always good for a surprise

Cyrus has made several appearances as a marijuana user, here at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

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While some of the “Hannah Montana” fans are tearing their hair out at these events, others are celebrating their courage to emancipate. Although the Tennessee woman is past her wildest years, her social commitment is not neglected. For a long time she promoted veganism, today Miley, who describes herself as pansexual, mainly campaigns for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Luck in music – bad luck in love

The singer had an on-off relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The two even got married in 2018 and divorced again a year later. Officially, Cyrus is not currently in any relationship.

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Musically, Cyrus also underwent a change. So he rocks more today. While the success is limited by her standards, the singer ups the ante with her fresh ’80s look. So she’s still waiting for her first Grammy – and yet she’s achieved legend status in the US at just 30 years old.

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