Michelle Hunziker: Tomaso Trussardi posted a plush photo

Among all kinds of fine foods and the dog Odin in various poses, three photos of his wife Michelle Hunziker (45) are currently appearing in Tomas Trussardi’s (39) Instagram stories. One of the images in particular stands out: It is a repost in which a fashion entrepreneur and a presenter are intertwining and beaming in a good mood into the selfie camera of fashion photographer Ed Kavish.

Hunziker & Trussardi: Separation confirmed earlier this year

Above all, the Trussardi-Hunziker photo in love is something special against the background of the couple’s breakup. Because in January 2022, they both announced their separation after seven years of marriage. In light of their daughter Sole’s (9) birthday party in Milan in October, which the ex-spouses attended together, Hunziker asked “Bunte” magazine about a potential romantic comeback. The 45-year-old’s surprising answer: “Everything is possible. The impossible can happen in love.”

She continued: “I’m 45 now and I know there’s no such thing as black and white. Emotionally intelligent people know the importance of reaching out in love.” But at the same time, she also shows that she lacked something in her marriage: “Otherwise we wouldn’t have broken up. Married life doesn’t mean that the person next to you belongs to you and that it goes without saying that No, you have to do something good for yourself every day. “

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