Michelle Hunziker: Official romantic comeback with Tomas?

Love comeback: Tomaso Trussardi sets the rules

Just a few days ago, the blonde and the fashion heir celebrated their daughter Sole’s tenth birthday together. And just recently, photographers caught Trussardi doing it stayed at Michelle’s apartment in Milan. Oh!

It was a beautiful ten years with two wonderful daughters. That must be saved. I love Tomas very much and I always will

enthuses Michelle. No wonder the Italian magazine “Chi” has already reported that the two are a couple again.

However, the expected love return probably does not go quite so smoothly. Because Tomaso should harsh conditions set for this: no more magazine shoots! No TV interviews! No more bright pictures with a blended family! Is Michelle ready to follow these rules? Perhaps because she also learned: “I’m 45 now and I know there’s no such thing as black and white. Emotionally intelligent people know the importance of reaching out in love.”

It would definitely be the best for her daughters Sole and Celeste!

Text from the current IN print edition: JL

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