Meghan’s bitter message reveals ‘painful truth’

Did Kate have something to say to Meghan with her jewelry?

In an interview with the British “OK! Magazine”, Royal expert Daniela Elser claims that Princess Kate Duchess Meghan with her choice of jewelery for Remembrance Day “painful truth” wanted to clarify. Because: It wasn’t that long ago that Duchess Meghan wore a dress to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. also pearl earrings said to have once belonged to the Queen but were significantly smaller than her sister-in-law Kate’s. The differences between the jewelry are “apparently”, says Elser, because Meghan’s accessories would be different than Kate’s “small” Act.

addition “In this case, size matters. It begs the question, according to history and meaning”, continues the expert. Because: While Princess Kate’s earrings were once a token gift from the then Head of State of Bahrain to the Queen for her wedding to Prince Philip (d. 99), the pearl and diamond necklace was also a gift from Japan Duchess Meghan’s earrings have no known historical significance:

In addition to these earrings and some pieces that belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales, […] As far as anyone knows, the Duchess does not have any valuable jewelry on permanent loan from the royal family collection. In fact, the only piece of jewelery Queen Elizabeth definitely loaned Meghan was Queen Mary’s bandeau tiara for her big day,

according to the expert.

According to Elser, Princess Kate Duchess Meghan once again clearly symbolizes what her position is in the royal family and in the public eye — and how the former “Suits” actress…

Used sources: OK! Magazine

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