Megan Fox Hairstyle: It’s so easy to copy her post-sex hair

Megan Fox wears the new hair trend After-Sex-Hair. And her hairstylist reveals how he came up with the look.



No pastoral lessonMegan Fox wears her hair after sex—it’s so easy to imitate

From red to blonde to dark brown, Megan Fox likes to experiment with her hair. Her latest hair trend – post-sex hair – works even without a visit to the hairdresser.

The man of the year should actually be chosen by “GQ” magazine at the party. So… that also happened somewhere in the background. Over Megan Foxher seductive Nude dress and especially her hairstyle went down a bit. Because the actress looked a little fresh out of bed with her fiance Kelly machine gun she stumbled and then quickly straightened her hair again. In fact, her hair was naturally calculated after sex.

Megan Fox turns heads at the GQ Men of the Year Party.

Megan Fox turns heads at the GQ Men of the Year Party.

Getty Images for GQ

A hairdresser reveals a secret

Megan’s hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons is responsible for the tousled look, who is currently not only sharing his work on Instagram, but in the caption below reveals what products he uses for the look. She breaks it down quickly, prepping Megan’s hair with a leave-in conditioner and then blow-drying it with a volumizing spray. A curling iron is used for her fine waves.

This is how the updo works

The stylist then gathers the actress’ hair into a high, loose ponytail, except for two wide strands that frame the face. Now for the eponymous part of it all: For extra cool texture, Fitzsimons uses her own brand of après sex texturizing spray. Much of what he writes on Instagram. However, a commercially available product without a catchy name works at least as well.

The look works with these products

Step 1: A lot of care so that the hair is not stressed by styling: Leave In Conditioner by Ouai, Fri.  26.– in Zaland

Step 1: A lot of care so that the hair is not burdened by styling: Ouai Leave In Conditioner, P. 26.– v Zalando


Gives hair volume when blow-drying: Root Lift Volume Spray by Goldwell, 18.85 at

Adds volume to hair when blow-drying: Root Lift Volume Spray by Goldwell, Friday 6.85pm

A skilled out-of-bed look made so easy: Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, CHF 24.50 at

A skilled look outside of bed is so easy: Moroccanoil dry texture spray, Friday 24.50 hours

Then she just wraps the individual strands of the horsehair around her finger and fixes them on the top of her head with a clip until the whole thing forms a bun. To keep it from looking too deliberate, it just leaves some games hanging. Add some hairspray and voila, the messy bun will stay in place all night.

Copied from Pamela

By the way, appearance is based on Pam-Updo, whose namesake Pamela Anderson made her famous in the 1990s. After its comeback at the beginning of the year, we already showed how easy it is to style the hairstyle:

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