Mario Balotelli: These are his biggest scandals


After the Stinkefinger affairThe fireworks scandal and the prison break-in are Balotelli’s biggest scandals

Mario Balotelli makes headlines with toe scandal and crazy Instagram post. We will show you the best posts in the Italo superstar scandal file.

Here Mario Balotelli gives the finger to FCB fans.


“Balotellata” is what the Italians call scandals Mario Balotelli. The fact that our neighboring country has even created its own term for the striker’s reckless and unreasonable actions shows: The 32-year-old player’s scandal file is very long, and not only since the last scandal with fingers against FCB fans and the subsequent sweep on Instagram against the league and the association. We’ve listed a selection of superstar Sion’s biggest and weirdest missteps.

Arrows – a joke

Many of Balotelli’s scandals happened during his time in England. In March 2011, while playing for Manchester City, he threw darts at a youth player at City’s Carrington training centre, causing an uproar on the island. According to People magazine, Balotelli threw his projectiles from the building’s first-floor window. At the time, the 20-year-old said he just wanted to “scare” the boys.

Fireworks in the bathroom

In October 2011, Balotelli set off firecrackers in his Manchester bathroom window, prompting the fire brigade to be called. At a home game against rivals Manchester United a few hours later, the noodle of the scandal appeared wearing a T-shirt that read: “Why always me?” Probably an allusion to his various escapades, which were reproduced with gusto by the English press.

Balotelli with a legendary celebration at the Manchester derby.

imago images/Mary Evans

grass allergy

With Manchester City, Balotelli faced Dynamo Kyiv away in the 2011 Europa League, with the Italian remaining in the dressing room after the first half. Balotelli’s curious reasoning: he was allergic to grass in Ukraine and could no longer play.


Fearing he would get lost and having an appointment with adviser Mino Raiola in London, Balotelli had a taxi drive from Manchester to the English capital in front of his sports car in 2012. Including the return trip for the taxi, the show cost him the equivalent of around 2,000 francs.

“Because I’m Rich”

Balotelli is said to have been involved in a car accident in his sports car during his time in Manchester. The policeman asked the Italian why he was carrying £25,000. Great enfant terrible answer: “Because I’m rich.”

Car towed 27 times

Balotelli always causes a sensation with car stories. According to The Sun, the scandal-hit striker’s Maserati was towed 27 times during his first year at Manchester City. In addition, Balotelli received an average of three tickets a day and in less than twelve months he had to collect fines of over 11,000 francs.

Mario Balotelli's accident car (Audi R8) on a tow truck.

Mario Balotelli’s accident car (Audi R8) on a tow truck.

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Breaking into a women’s prison

When Balotelli was still playing at Inter Milan, in the summer of 2010 he and his brother Enock Barwuah stormed into the courtyard of a women’s prison in Brescia. In subsequent police questioning, “Balo” stated that he was curious and did not know that a permit was required to enter the prison.

A visit to the Mafia in Naples

Balotelli described the Swiss Football Association as a “mafia” in his Instagram story after the match against FC Basel, although the former Squadra Azzurra striker himself had a past with the Italian underground organisation. According to a police report, in 2010 Balotelli was walking through Naples’ drug district with two heads of the Naples Camorra mafia and posed for a photo with two notorious godfathers. In 2013, the mobster publicly accused Balotelli of selling him cocaine and heroin. The football star vehemently denied it.

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