Mani Matter’s 50th Death Anniversary – Reissue: This is Mani Matter 2022 – Radio SRF 3


Whether young or old, his songs are still known across the country, 50 years after his death. The young Swiss music scene will win Mani Matter a small party and bring his songs to life. A tribute to one of the greats whose work has remained timeless.

50 years after his death, Mani Matter’s songs are still alive, popular, timeless, relevant. And the playlist can now be replenished thanks to the SRF 3 project “Reissued: Mani Matter 2022”. Musicians of various genres have recorded their favorite song of the Bernese Troubadour: they bring the songs to life in a refreshing, diverse, surprising and unusual way.

There is a documentary about the video clips that will be broadcast on TV on Sunday 27 November at 21:40 on SRF 1 and can be seen here before that.

The new releases are unique tributes that unfold their magic in different sonic guises. The senders are Crimer, Dabu Fantastic and, Loco Escrito, Lo & Leduc and To Athena, Nativ, Simone Felbers iheimisch and Veronica Fusaro.

A linguistic genius worked there. The gender equality we value today was not an issue back then.

Mani Matter is a benchmark for anyone who makes dialect, and he is also a role model in other ways: he has campaigned for more humanity all his life.

Mani Matter’s lyrics are timeless, he can convey feelings. That is why he is still an inspiration for rappers, musicians and poets.

Key project data

open the box
Zuklappen box

The new editions of the songs for the project are so-called edits, because the originals were not used 1 to 1 for the realization.

However, the musicians involved had to stick to the original text and stick as close as possible to Bernese German. Musically, however, the acts had a free hand as long as (quote) “the original is not distorted”.

Information about this can be found at

He was always able to reduce big problems and questions to a simple story. That’s why you can access his songs at any age.

For me, Matter is almost a Swiss pioneer of rap. Not only does it have catchy punchlines, it also has good rhymes.

Mani Matter is so timeless because it has time and again taken up topics that are or still are relevant.

What remains with me from Mani Matter are his songs. This is music that will remain popular for another 50 years. I’m excited to see which acts do the same today.

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