Mani Matter died in a car accident 50 years ago

Blick reporter Viktor Dammann (72) was at the scene of the accident.

“I stood by when the Mani Matter was revived”

The famous Bern troubadour Mani Matter was only 36 years old. 50 years ago, on November 24, 1972, he lost his life in a traffic accident. Court reporter Blick Viktor Dammann (72) was there as a photojournalist on this sad day.


Mani Matter had a fatal accident on November 24, 1972.


Viktor DammannNewsletter

I remember that Friday evening, November 24, 1972 very well. I sat down briefly with editor-in-chief Hansuel “Blöch” Blöchliger in the Keystone newsroom to discuss our tasks for the upcoming weekend.

I had the door latch in my hand when the phone rang. Blöch picked it up, listened for a moment and motioned for me to stay. The call came from Swiss TV. There were fears that something might have happened to the Mani Matter. The singer and songwriter was expected in Rapperswil SG for a concert. But nobody knows anything about his whereabouts. Matter probably used the highway from Zürich to Pfäffikon SZ to reach Rapperswil.

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