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In terms of quantity, competitor Lucid Motors, led by a former chief engineer for Model S, is nowhere near Tesla – but when it comes to the technical data of its electric cars, it surpasses the pioneer in many ways. This was already true for the first versions of its Lucid Air sedan, which charge faster, use less fuel and go further than the current Tesla Model S, but were also much more expensive. By the end of the year, however, the base version of the Pure should follow at a lower price. Lucid also unveiled the Gravity SUV, which it says will offer more range than any other brand’s EV.

Lucid takes on Tesla

After the record range with the Air in the Dream Edition of 837 kilometers according to the US EPA standard, Lucid brings another best value with the Pure version, which should apply to all versions from now on: According to the press release, the drag coefficient (cw) has dropped to 0.197. This makes the Lucid Air the most aerodynamically efficient production car on the market. Previously, Mercedes claimed it with 0.20 on the EV’s EQS – and Tesla claims on the model page that its cd value of 0.208 is “the lowest on the planet” since launch.

Lucid doesn’t list the exact battery capacity for the Air Pure — just that it’s made up of 18 modules instead of 22 like the big pack, which means less weight and more room in the back. Range still remains above the Model S, at least by a little: the Lucid is 410 EPA miles, the Tesla up to 405. Plus, the Air Pure will be the first chaser electric car to cost less than the Model S: The US website’s Reservations page lists them starting at $87,400, while Tesla wants at least $104,990.

This in turn roughly corresponds to the price of the Lucid Air Touring as another variant also with a smaller battery. That costs $107,400 with 425 miles of range and a roof made of glass instead of aluminum like the Starter Air, and will ship this month, according to Lucid. The company is also reminded of the flagship Sapphire version introduced in the summer, which is said to accelerate even faster than the Tesla Model S Plaid. From recent testing, Lucid claims 1.89 seconds to 60 mph and a top speed of 205 mph. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023. Lucid is once again paying dearly to stay ahead of Tesla: The Air Sapphire costs $249,000 in the US.

The SUV Gravity should set the standards

Lucid currently does not list any official prices for Germany, but sales here initially started with the more expensive top-of-the-line versions at €218,000. Even the European range according to WLTP has not yet been determined – however, it is estimated to be up to 900 kilometers, which is not only well above the Tesla Model S, but also above the Mercedes EQS, which has meanwhile secured the title of European range winner.

In addition to smaller versions of the Air, Lucid also provided more information on Tuesday about the Gravity SUV, which as a second model in the US can be ordered from early 2023 and will be delivered from 2024. With supercar performance and up to seven seats, it offers an unprecedented combination. Lucid also promises more range for the Gravity than any other electric car on the market besides its own brand, setting other new standards like it did with the Air sedan before.

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