Luca Hänni: Did he and Christina Luft secretly get married?

He talks about his “in-laws”

Did Christina Luft and Luca Hänni secretly get married?

Luca Hänni (32) boasts on Instagram that he received a box of “jam” from his “in-laws”. On the one hand, his fans are interested in whether the singer has secretly married, and on the other hand, they don’t know what the anointed is called in the dialect.


Picture of Lucy Hänni after visiting the “in-laws”.

Christina Luft (32) and Luca Hänni (28) met and started dating on the TV show “Let’s Dance” in 2020. They got engaged this January. And now the singer has published a post on Instagram with a heart-wrenching message for his “in-laws”.

In the picture, Hänni is posing with a box full of mason jars and a bag of apples. He writes: «After a visit to the in-laws, you will never leave empty-handed. The best jam!»

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