Lockdown in China: iPhone production is not moving forward – now the military is deployed


Lockdown in ChinaiPhone production is not progressing – now the army is called in

The world’s largest iPhone factory of Apple supplier Foxconn is still affected by strict coronavirus measures. Now the Chinese government is mobilizing former members of the People’s Liberation Army.

Production stops – the world’s largest iPhone factory had to be closed at the beginning of November. Now the Chinese government has invited veterans of the People’s Liberation Army to work at the Zhengzhou factory.

It’s about it

  • Veterans of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army were asked to “heed the government’s call”.

  • Around 10,000 workers are needed to produce the iPhone 14 at the Foxconn factory.

  • However, those who ordered a new iPhone for Christmas may have been disappointed.

Thousands of former military personnel are in China to ensure that the iPhone 14 reaches stores around the world on time. Apple supplier Foxconn’s largest iPhone factory is said to have called in veterans of the People’s Liberation Army to work at the Zhengzhou factory to restart production. According to the Spanish newspaper «El Mundo», around 10,000 people are needed in production, who have to work for a month without being allowed to leave the premises.

Foxconn has been affected by strict corona measures for several days. Although the authorities announced that the lockdown had been lifted in the district of the eastern Chinese metropolis of Zhengzhou, where the Foxconn plant is located, the company’s premises were still in the so-called control area.

Foxconn continues to operate in “closed loop”

According to “The South China Morning Post, a veterans office in Changge, a county under Xuchang city in Henan, issued an open letter on Tuesday urging retired members of the People’s Liberation Army to “heed the government’s call” and “participate in the resumption of military service.” “Manufacturing” in a Foxconn factory. The letter suggested that they “appear where needed”.

The call is part of a campaign by local authorities in Henan to recruit new workers for a Foxconn factory after chaotic scenes unfolded there in the first week of November: Thousands of workers feared being contracted or shut down due to strict Covid-19 measures. took off. At the time, Foxconn offered workers higher wages if they decided to return despite the restrictions.

In China, employees of Apple supplier Foxconn fled the coronavirus shutdown in the first week of November.


As a company spokesperson confirmed last Friday, the plant continues to operate in “closed loop,” which effectively means that employees are not allowed to leave the site and surrounding areas in Zhengzhou. This decision prompted Apple to warn its customers of delays in the delivery of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models be warned during Christmas sales.

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