Leni Klum interrupts her interview with Nele Ludowig – after just two questions

Updated 9/11/2022 at 11:50 am

  • The interview that Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele wanted to do with Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni was over after just two questions.
  • “If I had known, I probably would have asked differently,” says the junior reporter.

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Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele Ludowig Roeffen wanted to participate Heidi Klums daughter Leni Klum to conduct an interview for their first RTL web video series “Nele Now”. The interview took place as part of an exclusive event organized by the world-renowned luxury brand in Berlin. However, the 18-year-old young model surprisingly broke it off again immediately after two questions.

“Had I known, I probably would have asked different questions,” the 19-year-old junior reporter wrote on Instagram alongside a video clip showing the moment of disappointment.

Nele Ludowig Roeffen was looking forward to the interview with Leni Klum

Nele was so looking forward to the interview: “It’s very cool to have the opportunity to interview Leni. Especially when we have a similar story somewhere,” she told the RTL television station, adding: “Just like me, I get a taste for what my mom did with her mom Heidi Klum. And now it’s super successful.” But when the interview was cut off mid-way, she was left “unconscious”.

However, it is questionable whether Leni stopped the conversation on purpose. Nele’s last question was about mom Heidi Klum and how she reacted to her daughter’s Dior work. “He supports me no matter what I do. When I want to do something, he encourages me to do it. He is always by my side, even when I need advice. Now I do things a little on my own. I It’s two years now, but he’s always here for me,” says Leni in a clip from the Nele Now show.

Then Nele thanked Leni and the young model continued. It does not appear from the mentioned material that the young reporter still has a few questions left.
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What an important message Leni Klum is telling her fans! Heidi Klum’s daughter has very atypical dimensions for a model. But she doesn’t mind. (Image Credit: IMAGO/Independent Photo Agency I/Alberto Terenghi / ipa-age) © ProSiebenSat.1

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