Lena Meyer-Landrut: A reason to smile after the cancellation of your tour – people

Stop moping!

In an emotional video, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut (31) tearfully announced earlier this month that she had to cancel her entire tour. Now she has reason to smile again.

Review: After a long creative hiatus, Lena Meyer-Landrut released her song “Strip” in June 2021 and immediately catapulted herself to the top of the charts. In fact, a tour was supposed to follow – but it was initially postponed and is now completely cancelled.

Lena tearfully explained, “I feel responsible to you and don’t feel safe enough given the ongoing corona pandemic to perform with full production to full and nearly full theaters.”

Lena herself said on Instagram that the decision was not easy for her and she was afraid of comments from her fans. But this panic was unfounded.

Because Lena has now been honored with an award that is chosen by viewers – that is, by their fans. A clear sign that they support “their” singer and support her. Visit canceled or not.

What price can Lena now call hers? At the Kids’ Choice Awards in California, she was voted favorite singer of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the fourth time in a row!

In the hit cast Foto: André Kowalski/dpa

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On the casting show “The Voice Kids”, Lena helps the youngest enter the world of music – and they love it!Photo: Andre Kowalski/dpa

And how happy she is! “I can’t believe it,” she wrote in her Instagram story, followed by “Thank you” and a red heart. The “thank you” goes mainly to her little fans who follow the Kids’ Choice Awards and vote for the nominees, of which Lena was one.

A great reason to wipe away the tears and find that pretty smile on your face, which not only the little ones love about her!

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