LEGO Botanical Collection Orchid (10311) and Succulent (10309) officially launched

LEGO 10311 Orchid 10309 Succulent Cover photo

After the appearance of the first images in recent days, LEGO has officially presented the two new products of the LEGO Botanical Collection. We finally have high resolution images of the LEGO Orchid (10311) and LEGO Succulents (10309) for you.

Both sets are now also listed on the LEGO Online Store, which was introduced an hour earlier via a LEGO press release. Both sets will appear (just in time for Mother’s Day) from 1. May 2022 and come at an MSRP of €49.99 sold. While the Orchid should be available in stores everywhere, the Succulent LEGO set is sold exclusively through LEGO and a few select retailers. As a result, the orchid can now be pre-ordered from LEGO, but the succulent cannot.

We feature both sets including official photos in detail here.

LEGO Botanical Collection 10309 Sukkulenten

LEGO Creator Expert 10309 Succulents (2)

LEGO Creator Expert 10309 Succulents (5)

As the first new release, the LEGO Succulents hit the market as a partially exclusive set. It is not yet known which retailer will sell the set alongside LEGO.

Succulents consist of 771 pieces and let me up to three people build, so the instructions are in place a shared construction experience designed. A total of nine small succulents are installed here and can be put together to form a larger arrangement. The set will be priced at 49.99 euro of 1. May 2022 be available.

Small “pots” of succulents are each 6 × 6 nodules, with plants usually sticking out beyond that. The frames of the pots can be connected using Technic cross axes and thus arranged differently, but the small plants can of course also be displayed individually.

All the details at a glance:

  • Game number: 10309
  • Name: Succulents
  • Pieces: 771
  • Quirk: 18+
  • Price: 49.99 euro
  • Released: May 1, 2022

We have collected more photos in the gallery:

LEGO Botanical Collection 10311 Orchid

LEGO Creator Expert 10311 Orchid 2

LEGO Creator Expert 10311 Orchid 1

The LEGO Orchid should prove to be a particularly suitable gift for Mother’s Day, which approaches on May 8. Since 608 pieces the existing factory is also coming for €49.99 commercially available, but unlike succulents, they can be sold by any dealer and will therefore likely come on sale more quickly at a reduced price.

The LEGO Orchid stands 39cm tall overall and includes some exciting new pieces, which we’ll discuss briefly later in the article. One of the highlights is certainly the white head of Demogorgon, which here is printed like a flower.

All Details at a glance:

  • Game number: 10311
  • Name: Orchid
  • Pieces: 608
  • Quirk: 18+
  • Price: 49.99 euros
  • Released: May 1, 2022

We have collected more photos in the gallery:

New parts in Orchid and Succulent

As with previous Botanical Collection innovations, the two new sets are a source of new pieces. We have selected the most interesting innovations for you:

New pieces in Succulents:

A new element appears in Succulents. An unusual 2×2 slope, which is used here in Bright Light Orange. This piece will probably also be used in future sets, as the new injection mold would not have been needed for this flower:

LEGO 10309 Succulents New Parts 03

All LEGO Knights friends can rejoice in the return of the Forestmen green hats. The Robin Hood cap is installed here again in classic green after a long time and could open the doors that are also included in the LEGO 10305 anniversary castle foresters.

LEGO 10309 Succulents New Parts 01

We were also able to discover other pieces in new colors:

  • Eier yellowish green
  • Schulterplatten Medium Lavender (21560)
  • Quarter Round Tile 1×1 Sand Blue
  • 2×2 Sand Blue Sliding Tile
  • 1×1 dark red pyramids

LEGO 10309 Succulents New Parts 02

New parts in the LEGO Orchid:

The Orchid also brings us a bunch of useful parts in new colors. We particularly noticed the white heads of Demogorgon, which serve as flowers and are printed. Plants (31576) are used for the first time in dark green.

LEGO 10311 Orchid New Parts 02

Large LEGO orchid flowers consist of many parts in new colors:

  • White Knight Shields
  • White forks to fix the shields
  • magenta frogs
  • Pink technical teeth
  • Dark pink tech gears

LEGO 10311 Orchid New Parts 01

The Sand Blue Flowerpot recolors the 2×4 Roof Gables and 1×2 Roof Roof Corners as well as the windshields as the sheets were not previously available in Dark Green.

LEGO 10311 Orchid New Parts 03

What new pieces are you most excited about?

All LEGO Botanical Collection sets

LEGO Creator Expert 10311 Orchid 9

We have attached a tabular overview of all the LEGO Plant sets that have appeared in the Subtopic World so far. Currently, the LEGO Botanical Collection comes in five sets.

The LEGO Orchid and LEGO Succulents were also recently available as LEGO Ideas designs – both at a time when both of these official sets were likely already in development. While the succulent cancellation has already taken place, the orchid cancellation is still pending, but sealed as of today at the latest.

Do you like LEGO Orchid and LEGO Succulents? Do you think both sets are great additions to the LEGO botanical collection, or are you completely indifferent to plastic flowers? Share your impressions of the latest LEGO factories in the comments.

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