Leader Servette celebrates a spectacular victory against pursuer Biel

Clear conditions in the highest game

Leader Servette celebrates a spectacular victory against pursuer Biel

The leader of the National League will not let go against the second EHC Biel at home in Les Vernets. Servette wins the top fight 6:2.


6-2 victory in the top game: Leader Servette and Valtteri Filppula (left) keep the chaser from Biel – here Viktor Lööv – at bay.

At first, there is no need to worry that the Bielers might go down in the top fight against Servette. Because top scorer Hofer equalizes again just 24 seconds after Hartikainen’s opening goal. But the fact that Seeländer is missing three top players with injuries to Haas, Brunner and Sallinen is becoming more and more apparent.

The Tömmernes hammer at 3:1 is a foregone conclusion – in two ways. Biel’s coach Törmänen draws the Coaches Challenge. However, the referees cannot clearly decode from the video footage whether Winnik still has his skates on the blue line or is already offside. That’s why the goal stands, the first of three Geneva goals in a span of 160 seconds for a 5-1 lead. Meanwhile, the Seelanders make another goalie change, but Rytz remains unbeaten for just 37 seconds.

Then the Servettieni sit down and let off the gas. But they quickly put down any rebellion in Biel. Filppula responded to Olofsson’s power play goal two minutes later with a goal to make it 6:2. And so the ultimate fight is still a clear thing. (ON)

Fans: 6886

Tor 8. Hartikainen 1:0. 8. Hofer (Olofsson, Schneeberger) 1:1. 13. Le Coultre 2:1. 27. Tömmernes (Winnik, Filppula) 3:1. 29. Jacquemet (Rod) 4:1. 30. Jooris (Jacquemet) 5:1. 45. Olofsson (Hofer, Künzle/PP) 5:2. 46. ​​Filppula (Miranda) 6:2.

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