Laura Müller targets celebrity men

The photographer informs about the evening at the town festival

16-year-old Laura Müller wanted to catch famous men

According to the photo, Laura Müller and Michael Wendler met two years earlier than they admit. The photographer is now reporting more spicy details about the evening.


Laura Müller mystery: She allegedly met Michael Wendler when she was 16, not 18 as previously claimed.

The news about Laura Müller (22) does not end. It was only recently reported that when she met her current husband, Michael Wendler, 50, she was not 18 as claimed, but just 16. Now the photographer has doubled down with new revelations: Müller also approached other famous men that night.

“She flirted with all the male artists,” says photographer Roberto Abramowski for “Bild”. The whole thing took place in the VIP zone of the city festival in the German city of Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt) in June 2017. Pop singer Norman Langen (37, “Damn again why”) was also at the event, confirming what the photographer says about Laura Müller’s behavior . “Of course I noticed that Laura was making beautiful eyes at us singers. It wasn’t interesting to me because I was already married at the time,” he says.

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