La’eeb, Qatar 2022 World Cup mascot, irritated


Qatar 2022Fifa is in the nettles with a creepy World Cup mascot

Qatar’s World Cup mascot is called La’eeb, and it’s dividing fans’ opinions. We present it to you.

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World Cup mascot La’eeb is omnipresent in Doha.


La'eeb means

La’eeb means “super talented player”.


Many fans don't like that at all.

Many fans don’t like that at all.

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La’eeb is the name of the mascot for the Qatar World Cup, which means “super talented player” in Arabic. It looks like a ghost, but that’s not what the organizer fixes, but a “fantasy figure”. According to the motto “Now or Never”, La’eeb should encourage people to believe in themselves. At the same time, it should bring everyone closer to the joy of football. The figure wears Qatari national costume and a ball and is deliberately intended to leave room for interpretation.

According to the World Cup organizer and FIFA, La’eeb comes from a parallel world where the mascots of all World Cup tournaments are said to be at home. Fifa’s homepage states: “It’s a world where ideas and creativity form the basis for the characters that live in everyone’s mind.”

Nice idea – but Fifa got into trouble with this character. Because a fanciful figure that resembles a kufiya or keffiyeh – an Arab headscarf – not well received by all fans. Among other things, La’eeb is meant to commemorate the spirits of deceased workers in Qatar. This allegation has been made several times on Twitter.


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