Kuehne and Nagel: Last Boeing 747 to be delivered in January

Production of the jumbo jet will soon end. Boeing has now given the penultimate copy to Atlas Air and Kuehne + Nagel. The last Boeing 747 will follow in January 2023.

It bears the registration number N862GT. Boeing delivered the penultimate Boeing 747 ever produced. The Boeing 747-8 F with production number 67149 now belongs to Atlas Air, but flies under a long-term charter contract for the Swiss logistics group Kuehne + Nagel, whose livery is also carried by the four-engine cargo plane.

The operator calls the machine Inspire. The final Boeing – a 747-8F with registration N863GT and production number 67150 – will also go to Atlas Air and Kuehne + Nagel. The Swiss company has announced that it will name this aircraft Empower.

Almost 1,600 copies were shipped

The last Jumbo jet was originally due to be delivered in 2022. But in early November, Atlas Air announced that the date would be pushed back to the first quarter of 2023. Asked by aeroTELEGRAPH, a Kuehne + Nagel spokeswoman now said it should be ready in January 2023.

After that, the history of jumbo jet production ends – almost 54 years after the first flight of the Boeing 747 in February 1969. The manufacturer will then deliver a total of 1,573 examples of the jumbo jet. Recently, the model was built only as a cargo ship. The manufacturer already delivered the last 747 in a passenger version in 2017.

Pan Am pushed the Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 was created at the instigation of Pan Am CEO Juan Trippe, who realized that the number of flights was increasing because more and more people were traveling. This subsequently overwhelmed the airport. Running out of space. Trippe therefore wanted a larger plane that could carry twice as many passengers as the Boeing 707.

In the meantime, however, four-engine aircraft often have a hard time, partly because of higher consumption and partly because of the noise they generate. For example, Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport in Israel will have four radiators banned from the 2023 summer flight schedule. At a minimum, Maastricht Airport in the Netherlands is banning Boeing 747-200s and, in the future, 747-400s operating there as freighters.

You can view the penultimate Boeing 747 in the above image gallery.

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