Kronach: Auto supplier Lear with massive job cuts

  • auto parts supplier in Kronach cut 380 jobs
  • works council and IG Metall negotiate social project with the employer
  • Management rejects alternative ideas

380 jobs must be used in the production of the automotive supplier Lear Cooperation in Kronach dismantled by 2025 say the works council and IG Metall in a joint press release. It is “a tragedy for the workforce and the region,” says Benjamin Oster, union secretary at IG Metall.

Auto supplier Lear cuts jobs: alternative ideas would be ‘crushed’

Of works council and IG Metall had in common fought to keep the jobs. An alternative concept was also presented to the automotive supplier. However, according to the representatives of the employees, all the ideas had been “destroyed” by the American management. According to IG Metall, Lear Cooperation justified the job cuts on the grounds that “worldwide, the activities of business area ‘Audio & Light'”. would like to. “It bothers us that the Decision not motivated by economic necessity “, criticized the president of the works council, Manuela Walther.

Defend the Lear Works Council The social plan at the center of the negotiations, after the failure of alternative ideas to continue. “Of The social plan includes settlements and indemnities for the loss of jobs, which are at a very high level,” the statement said.

IG Metall and the works council are very satisfied with the result. “We have very good starting agreements agreed and everyone involved also has the option of switching to a transfer company,” says Walther. Works council of Lear and IG Metall will meet according to information“to advertise and fight for alternative employment opportunities on the Kronach site”.

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