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Krill oil appears to protect the brain against age-related diseases

With a skirt is largely produced from Antarctic mini crustaceans (krill). Like fish, krill is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains krill oil cholinebasic building block of cells and also a powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. In a recent study, a research team from Norway now suggests that krill oil Brain before age-related diseases protects.

researchers from University of Osloof Oslo University Hospital as well as des Akershus University Hospital found that krill oil Neurons before altersbedinger Degeneration protects and in the brain cells of several Signs of aging suppressed. The research results were recently presented in the renowned journal “Aging”.

In some regions, people live longer

There is already a lot of evidence in previous studies that people in certain regions have something unusual long life have. This will partly depend on what is customary in individual regions nutrition returned Such longevity has been observed, for example, in some areas of the Mediterranean or in parts of Japan.

A similar diet in long-lived areas

What unites these regions is a similar diet rich in fish and seafood Yippee. These represent excellent A source of omega-3 fatty acids Long-chain fats have already been the focus of many research projects.

Previous research has suggested that omega-3-rich krill oil has positive effects on health. However, the Norwegian working group has now managed to elucidate for the first time the molecular mechanisms that lead to the positive effects on the brain.

How does krill oil affect brain cells?

Using nematodes and human cells, the team was able to demonstrate that krill oil has a positive effect on various gene expression acts on it Attenuation of various age-related characteristics contribute, incl

  • oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants),
  • proteotoxic stress from misfolded proteins,
  • senescence (termination of cell division),
  • genomic instability,
  • mitochondrial dysfunction.

In addition, scientists were able to demonstrate that krill oil anti-inflammatory effect on brain cells as it increases neuronal resilience, which promotes health by regulating transcription factors (such as SNK-1).

Krill oil had a particularly positive effect on the so-called dopaminergic neurons out. These are nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for production dopamine they are responsible. Dopamine, in turn, is a chemical messenger involved in many important biological processes, including movement, motivation, and cognition.

The effect cannot be attributed to Omega 3 alone

Scientists emphasize that the effect is due to several substances contained in krill oil. In addition to omega 3, the oil also contains the so-called choline contain. It is the molecular component for formation of membranes. In addition, choline is used for Lipoprotein synthesis needed for the transport of fats in the blood.

In addition, krill oil contains strong Antioxidants Astaxanthin. It is a natural dye belonging to Carotenoids belongs to and is responsible for the red color of the oil.

Krill oil appears to promote healthy aging

“In summary, krill oil switches global gene expression programs and promotes healthy aging by reversing multiple signs of aging, as further preclinical and clinical investigations suggest.”summarize the scientists involved in the study.

“Therefore, krill oil supplementation could serve as a possible intervention approach for healthy brain aging.”comments the working group at the end.

The results have yet to be verified in humans

However, the study was conducted on nematodes and human cells. Whether the effect in humans is actually influenced by the use of a Food supplement with krill oil developed must first be explored in further studies. In any case, the results of the research promise that this could be the case. (vb)

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Postgraduate editor (ZF) Volker Blašek


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