Kremlin expert Andrei Piontkowski predicts that Russia will hate Putin

Kremlin experts predicted

“All of Russia will soon hate Putin”

The defeat in Kherson increases domestic pressure on Putin. A long-time expert on the Kremlin is sure: the Russian ruler will not hold his position for much longer.


Kherson is celebrating: After eight months, the city was recaptured by Ukraine.


Jenny WagnerNews editor

The liberation of Kherson puts a lot of pressure on you: Russian President Vladimir Putin, 70, is doing his best to portray the withdrawal from the captured city as an act of military realignment. Kremlin expert Andrei Piontkowski (82), on the other hand, is convinced that Putin can no longer get his head out of the loop. Because after this debacle, even those who stood behind him before would turn against him.

Piontkowski is a scientist and journalist who headed the Moscow think tank Center for Strategic Studies. Now he is sure that the withdrawal from Kherson means Putin’s downfall. In an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel Freedom, he says: “Now it is clear to every Russian citizen that Russia is losing the war.” Even if the majority of people supported the “special operation” – now these decisions would lead to “shock processes” in the minds of the people.

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