Knossi is the tragic hero of “7 vs. Wild” – and he’s babbling

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The second episode of “7 Vs. Wild: Panama” was online on YouTube with a slight delay Wednesday night. In it, seven candidates try to survive seven days on a tropical island without any contact with the outside world and cope with challenges on the side.

The biggest debate from the community is how long German Twitch star Knossi will last. He is the only one with no previous outdoor experience.

A participant has now rambled on exactly this topic in one of his streams, apparently indirectly revealing how many days he’s been there.

Why are fans excited?

For the second time, fans were worried about Knossi. After his difficult arrival on the island, the end of episode 2 shows the streamer driving a stick into his bare foot after a few hours in place.

He doesn’t know if part of the stick is still stuck in his leg. Blood was then visible on the recordings, but the wound was pixelated. In addition, the statement that foreign bodies in the bloodstream can lead to blood poisoning:

“If foreign bodies enter the bloodstream, there is a risk of blood poisoning.”

These scenes created excitement among fans of the show. Some felt this reinforced their suspicions that Knossi would not last long on the island.

Knossi also hinted at it, perhaps accidentally, in a Twitch stream. There, he and his girlfriend, Lia, answered a few questions about the show, including how often the SD cards of the GoPro cameras that the candidates wear on their bodies and accompany their days on set had to be changed.

According to Knossi, it was necessary every day – shortly afterwards he let slip that it was only twice for him anyway. His girlfriend then grabbed her head, after all, the streamer revealed how long he was on the island: two days at the most.

Many fans think that Knossi won't last long.

Many fans think that Knossi won’t last long.Screenshot: watson

However, many of his fans suspected a deliberate deception to maintain tension. As a hint that Knossalla still holds up, they’ve included the rain that can be seen in his opening shots, for example. The sun was still partly shining when he arrived. Therefore, a user on Twitter, for example, assumed that at the beginning of the third episode, at least, he will not appear.

Fight for survival after jumping from a helicopter

Jens Knossalla, as Knossi’s real name is, showed in the first two volumes how difficult island life is for him. The arrival particularly affected the streamer, who almost drowned after jumping from the helicopter into the sea. He later reported fearing death and emphasized that he almost didn’t make it:

“I almost didn’t make it, I really had a fight for survival. This ocean is not feasible for a human being.”

Knocked out by the fight, he later stated that he was “too helpless” to get anything out of his pouch. In his reaction to these scenes, Knossi again revealed that he had missed life in the water and that he had “completely said goodbye”. The memory of his arrival on the island is gone.

The “7 vs. Wild” team apologizes to Knossos

While many fans saw Knossi’s extreme reaction as a sign of weakness, the “7 vs. Wild” team later issued a public apology to the streamer. There was a “huge mistake” and a lot went wrong on the day of the suspension, according to a reaction video from the co-organizers.

So there was no plan to let Knossi jump first. Added to this was the excessive distance from the beach combined with the incoming tide. In retrospect, the show’s organizing team was therefore “50,000 dead died”.

The team also emphasized that ten meters would be enough to break the – But Knossi had to overcome a distance of about 200 meters.


Participants of “7 vs. Wild Panama”

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And now you!

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«7 vs. Wild: Panama – Deadly Paradise», Episode 2 (YouTube)

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Survival Items in «7 Vs. wild»

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