King Charles III: revealing his childhood!

King Charles III: Victim of bullying and violence

Charles’ former schoolmates have revealed to ITV that the king was the victim bullying and violence. Son of Queen Elizabeth II. and Prince Philip attended the elite Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland. Such a strict school tightened their rules again when Charles started school there at age 13. His classmates then blamed him.

I witnessed an attack on Prince Charles at a rugby match. During the scrum one guy pulled him by the ear and another guy punched him,

reveals John Stoneborough. But the former classmate of King Charles blames the school more than the other children. It also says:

One of the mistakes he made when Charles arrived at Gordonstoun was that we were all told he should just to be treated like everyone else. But he wasn’t like everyone else, was he? He would become the King of England. (…) He had a private detective, we didn’t. And when he came, they came all rules tightened – it became a stricter school and I think some took it out on him.

It is not an easy time for today’s king. According to John Stonborough, Charles also found it difficult to make friends, “because many found it difficult to be friends with him, as it exposed them to the ridicule of others”.

King Charles remains brave

Despite the bullying though, Charles said he never complained and passed through the school without comment. Incidentally, he is also the first British nobleman to complete a university degree. The 73-year-old once said of his time at Gordonstoun boarding school: “She taught me to accept challenges and take initiative.

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