King Charles III & Queen Consort Camilla: Lip reader reveals surprise

attack on the king

Because when the royal couple visited York recently, one was there remarkable incident. Charles and Camilla were in town to unveil the statue. But not everything went smoothly during the visit. Because although Charles was greeted happily by many people, there were also people in the audience who they really don’t agree with his presence they were – and resorted to unusual methods of expressing their anger.

Charles was covered in eggs! One of the rockets narrowly missed the king. Outwardly, Charles looked perfectly composed and continued to greet people in the crowd. But he saw it maybe completely different in it? Now an expert reveals Surprising in the situationat which Camilla was also present.

Lip reader Jeremy Freeman analyzed how to do it for the British media Charles actually responded to the situation. At first it seems that the king was not really deterred. Shortly after the attack, he greets the woman in the red hat by saying, “Nice to meet you“Other bystanders in military uniform even try to calm Charles down afterward.”Never mind, let’s move on“, he says to her, according to Jeremy Freemann. One detail, however, suggests that the attack did not go entirely unnoticed by Charles. Because Freemann reveals that Charles asked his security officer:

Is everything okay?

He obviously has the situation made things difficult for Charles. It is also quite possible that the king himself not just for his own safety, but also his policemen. In any case, the revelation shows that Charles is quite disturbed by the incident.

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