King Charles III bypasses removing Prince Harry and Andrew from power

King Charles III expands the circle of his representatives

In this way, it avoids disempowering Prince Harry and Andrew

Son Prince Harry and brother Prince Andrew are considered the black sheep in the royal family of King Charles III. – but despite public displeasure, both act as “state advisors”. The monarch does not want to change anything about it, yet it weakens their position.


Can King Charles III. If you are not fulfilling your duties as a monarch, there are a number of representatives from the family available. Including his brother Prince Andrew and his son Prince Harry.

Prince Harry (38) and Prince Andrew (62) no longer carry out any official duties for the royal family – yet, due to their succession status, they are still two of the five representatives (“State Counselors”) for the British monarch Charles III. (74).

That's how King Charles is on the throne

Royal Expert Schlittler: That’s how King Charles is on the throne(04:42)

As the top representative of the royal household, Lord Andrew Parker of Minsmere (60), announced in the British House of Lords on Monday afternoon, Charles proposes that his sister Princess Anne (72) and his youngest brother Prince Edward (58) “State Counselors” close. This is to “ensure that public affairs are attended to when I am unavailable, such as on official duties abroad,” said the letter, which was read by Lord Parker on behalf of the king.

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