Kherson region: Why the watermelon is becoming a new symbol of Ukraine’s victory


Kherson regionWhy the watermelon is becoming the new symbol of Ukraine’s victory

Since the capture of Kherson, a number of posts showing Ukrainian soldiers with watermelons have been circulating on social media. It has a special reason.

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Ukrainian soldier proudly poses with a watermelon…


... others carry some with them in the transporter.

… others carry some with them in the transporter.


The fruit has now become a symbol of reconquest.

The fruit has now become a symbol of reconquest.


After the Russian withdrawal, the Ukrainians continue to advance towards the regional capital of Kherson in the south of their country – and with them a very special symbol of victory: a watermelon. Over the weekend, videos circulated on social media showing a Ukrainian soldier holding one of the large round fruits as the crowd euphorically cheered him on. A photo showing the Ukrainian flag atop a giant watermelon sculpture was also widely shared.

Background: The Kherson region, with its warm summers, is famous for its particularly delicious watermelons. The fact that the popular fruit fell into the hands of the Russian occupiers last season also hurt Ukrainians financially, as the fruit is an important commercial product.

After successful Ukrainian counteroffensives, Russian troops last week surrendered all positions northwest of the Dnieper River. The Russians still control much of the Kherson region, which also straddles the river. For Ukrainians, however, the victory over the regional capital of the same name is a symbol of the recapture of the entire region – and therefore also the watermelon fields.

Even high-ranking politicians, such as the head of Ukraine’s presidential office in Kyiv, Andriy Yermak, add watermelon emoticons to their communications about Kherson these days. Several Ukrainian companies also quickly integrated the watermelon into their corporate logo. And the Ukrainian Post Office announced the printing of a special postage stamp to celebrate the victory in Kherson – with a piece of watermelon as a motif, of course.

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