KFC Causes Shitstorm With Ad: “Memorial Day on Reichspogromnacht”

A bad ad

KFC advertises crispy chicken with Nazi atrocities

Fast food chain KFC has sparked outrage in Germany with a push message sent through an app. Customers should treat themselves to crispy chicken to commemorate Kristallnacht.


Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) caused a crazy storm on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, users of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) app received a highly inappropriate ad, according to Focus. “Remembrance Day of Reich Pogroms. Treat yourself to a softer cheese with crispy chicken, » read customers as a push message on their mobile phones.

This caused a real storm on social networks. Among them was Ali Utlu. Shocked, he wrote on Twitter: “Does it get any more tacky? I’m going to uninstall the app now, this is going too far and it’s inexcusable,” he wrote indignantly on Twitter. Other KFC customers were also horrified.

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