Kanye West’s employees are making serious allegations against the designer


It doesn’t seem to stop: the negative headlines surrounding Kanye West. Now the statements of former employees paint an ugly picture of the musician. But not only the rapper is criticized.

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Kanye West has been the source of constant negative media coverage in recent weeks – also because he’s been feuding with various brands. Rolling Stone magazine recently described how he treated his employees at Yeezy.

Since Adidas stopped working with Kanye, the magazine spoke to more than 24 former Adidas and Yeezy employees. You paint an ugly picture of a musician.

Kanye allegedly showed his employees porn

According to the magazine, the designer showed his staff pornographic material during meetings, including pictures and videos of his ex Kim Kardashian, as well as videos showing him having sex.

He is also said to have invited the employee into his office, shown him porn on his laptop and asked for his opinion. At first he was said to enjoy himself; it wasn’t until he recognized a pattern in Kanye’s behavior that he realized the musician wanted to test and destroy the limits of his staff through his behavior.

“We create passion here. I literally want to fuck my shoes, they are so good.”

Kanye West reportedly told the designer during the interview

Bullying at work

Former employees also report several incidents where Kanye chose to exclude and embarrass female employees. After a disagreement, he allegedly told the employee that she was not allowed to sit at the same table. As a result, the woman had to sit on the floor for several hours of session.

According to the staff, Kanye yelled at his employees to intimidate them when differences arose.

It is said that Kanye did not make a good impression even at the first meeting. He is said to have interrupted the designer during an interview to tell her: “If you ever have a creative block, watch 10 minutes of porn. We create passion here. I literally want to fuck my shoes, they are so good.”

Adidas apparently knew about it

Adidas employees’ superiors would have known about the incidents – and looked the other way. For a successful collaboration, the sporting goods manufacturer would ignore Kanye’s behavior towards his employees. If someone did not get along with Kanye or complained about his behavior, they were quickly transferred to another team.

A letter from Yeezy’s team to Adidas, obtained by Rolling Stone magazine, also says:

“As much as we would like to place the blame on Kanye, it was primarily Adidas’ management team that enabled his behavior.”

former employees in the letter

In the letter, the former employees demanded not only a public apology from Adidas, but also rules that determine how to proceed if there is a problematic partnership between Adidas and an artist in the future.

Kanye West laughs


Kanye West laughs

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Kanye West Shows Adidas Boss Porn – Here’s Why

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