Joko & Klaas vs ProSieben: 2022 Season Final

Last chance of the year to squeeze 15 minutes of airtime from ProSieben! Joko and Klaas of course also use them and break, box and throw as much as they can. Is it finally enough for the whole world to know the real name of Mr. ProSieben?

episode 38

In the final episode of Season 5, “Joko & Klaas Vs. ProSieben” station challenges its two favorite employees to an exciting duel. ProSieben brings in Linda Zervakis, Matthias Opdenhövel, Aminata Belli and Paul Janke as reinforcements.

Episode 38 has it all as Joko and Klaas don’t want to miss their last chance to win against their broadcaster. In six nerve-wracking games, the two entertainers must fight for advantages in order to survive in the finals. If they win, they will receive a free 15-minute broadcast voucher redeemable the following Wednesday at 8.15pm. However, if Joko and Klaas lose, they will receive a penalty from ProSieben.

Joko and Klaas between distractions and auto boxes

Joko and Klaas’ employer came up with creative plays to push the duo to their limits. Strong support comes from in-house presenters Linda Zervakis and Matthias Opdenhövel, who show how well they can lay mustard strips. After that, Joko and Klaas are faced with probably their most unpleasant task of all: They have to prevent about 1,500 employees of the Bavarian Film Studios from entering the construction site. In the “Diss Duel”, he must face off against powerful women Aminata Belli and Hadnet Tesfai. There is also the question of whether Joko and Klaas can break the winning streak of their rivals Paul Janke and Axel Stein in the “autobox”. In the grand final, Joko and Klaas not only have a chance to win, but they also have the chance to find out Mr. ProSieben’s first name.

Will Joko and Klaas be punished?

Even in the season finale, the question arises whether Joko and Klaas will win against ProSieben or be punished by broadcast. In the event of a loss, the entertainers face heavy punishments and great challenges. In the past, the duo has been allowed to appear as advertising midgets, commentating on football matches or re-enacting “Dinner for One”. You can find out how the final turned out this time here.

“Joko & Klaas vs ProSieben”: The whole episode is repeated

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