Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht does not want to repay his rent debts

The two have now agreed on child support payments for their daughter, which Jimi has now paid retrospectively to the mother of his child, according to Yeliz in her Instagram story. So far so good – one might think.

But because the 30-year-old had tax debts during their relationship, the 28-year-old also paid the rent alone for months. “He said as soon as he was liquid again, had the money and paid the debts, he would pay me back my share of the rent,” Yeliz now says.

After a conversation with his lawyer, the Ochsenknecht son would no longer think of paying the arrears of rent. His lawyer allegedly told him that since they lived in a shared apartment, this would not be necessary. But Yeliz isn’t giving up: “I’m still going to try to get it somehow. I think it’s more than fair if you live together for months that you split the rent.”

She is still quite shocked by the behavior of her daughter’s father: “I’m also shocked that people now think they could just have a roof over their heads for free for months. I find it uncool, I find it unmanly, I find it unattractive, but if he feels comfortable with it, then yes,” Yeliz said, adding, “As long as he can still look at himself in the mirror, everything is fine.”

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