Jennifer Garner Talks Ben Affleck and J.Lo’s Reengagement

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Jennifer Garner Opens Up About Ex-Husband Ben Affleck’s Reengagement

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Jennifer Garner is Ben Affleck’s ex-wife and Jennifer Lopez was his predecessor

Jennifer Lopez was not only his predecessor, but also his successor alongside Ben Affleck. Between the two, 13 years of marriage and three children with Jennifer Garner. Now she’s talking about “Bennifer’s” re-engagement.

Jennifer Garner has three children with actor Ben Affleck. They have been married for over a decade. In 2018, they divorced. One of the triggers was reportedly Affleck’s alcohol addiction. Now, the actor is engaged again to Garner’s predecessor, Jennifer Lopez – for the second time in his life.

18 years ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called off their engagement. The reason for the separation would have been an episode of the series “South Park”. Ben Affleck reportedly mocked Jennifer Lopez’s Latino heritage, calling her “a bad bitch.” Prior to their split, the public hyped the couple, coining the name “Bennifer.”

Jennifer Garner was given advance notice of the engagement

Garner and Affleck have reportedly remained friends since their divorce, also for the sake of their three children together. The information portal “E! News” learned from a source that Jennifer Garner would have commented on the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The actress and their children are said to have already learned from their ex-husband that he was considering proposing to the singer. Affleck’s ex-wife has been very positive, saying that J.Lo has always been a good influence on Ben Affleck and that she is happy for both of them.

According to the source, the singer and actor originally planned to keep their engagement a secret for a bit longer. But tabloid portals like “Page Six” published photos of the singer with a large diamond ring, so rumors of an engagement renewal became loud. The couple had been dating again for a year.

The engagement moment would have been very intimate and would have taken place in the bathtub. Jennifer Lopez’s chunky diamond ring is green and she said, “Green has always been my lucky color and now it always will be.”

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