Jennifer Aniston: Her favorite fragrance is the perfect perfume for women over 50

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Whether it’s fashion, makeup, or something else entirely, Hollywood is always worth checking out when you’re looking for the best hidden gems. It’s no different with perfume: American actress Jennifer Aniston (53) swears by the fragrance from Cacharel, which we also like.

Here’s everything you need to know about the “Friends” actress’ favorite fragrance. The most important thing: On you can get 100 milliliters of perfume from 53.90 euros.

Jennifer Aniston swears by this scent

Anais Anais von Cacharel

The actress’ favorite perfume does just that

Although Jennifer Aniston prefers classic and understated pieces when choosing clothes, this does not mean that her favorite perfume is restrained. On the contrary: Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel is rather a light fragrance, but it combines different floral notes. As a result, the perfume looks summery, fresh and feminine. It almost resembles a blooming meadow.

The heart notes – a combination of orange blossom, rose and jasmine – and the top notes are responsible for this. The top note combines jasmine with the scent of lilies.

The base note of the perfume provides a counterbalance. The composition of sandalwood and musk on the one hand makes the scent more intense, on the other hand it also has something adult.

That’s why Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel is the perfect fragrance for women over 50

Looking at the history of the perfume, it is clear that the adjective “classic” is not completely out of place for this fragrance. Anaïs Anaïs developed Cacharel in 1878. The fact that it is still popular speaks to its timelessness. And the timelessness here also means that it can be applied by very different age groups. According to media reports, Jennifer Aniston has relied on perfume since her “Friends” days. She has remained faithful to the scent for more than 20 years.

Since the fresh and floral scent evokes youthful associations, the perfume even rejuvenates you a little.

Anais Anais von Cacharel

This is how customers find Jennifer Aniston’s favorite perfume

Amazon buyers are also very impressed with the scent. It was awarded an average of 4.6 out of a possible five stars – with nearly 5,000 reviews worldwide. A customer writes: “Great! I love this fragrance” and gives another not insignificant hint: “If you don’t like floral scents, stay away. It’s like sticking your head in a bouquet of magnolias.” She concludes her review, “Today’s fragrances often smell more sophisticated but artificial, this one smells honest.”

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